Brandworkz is a world leader in digital asset management. They enable companies to manage all of their brand elements, image libraries, documents, campaign elements (anything really) all within an easy-to-use, web-based portal.

We were brought in to help Brandworkz evolve their own brand to better appeal to their their agency and corporate clients, as well as better express what they offer.

Our solution was a logo that expressed precisely what their product  does for its users - enabling them to "open up a box" and locate exactly what they are looking for among many, many other things in that box.  A central white shape, within an array of other colours, symbolises the ease with which a brand asset can be identified and accessed among all the others.  And the overall shape of the "open box with a white centre" is a "b".  The multi-colour pattern was expanded upon, and used online, on business cards and stationery, and within the physical office space.

Brandworkz %22b%22.jpg
BW screen.jpg
BW wall photo 1-edit.jpg
BW wall photo 4.jpg
BW bus card.jpg